HannaH I. Walsh
Life Drawing Portfolio

Works from 2014 - 2020.

Graduate Figure Studies

Studies in charcoal completed in Dr. Gingher Leyendecker's Life Drawing I class at Mesa Community College, 2014.
I took this class the semester before starting the MFA program at Arizona State University, as I hadn't the opportunity to take a LD class as an undergraduate.

Select artworks from Painting & Drawing graduate study at ASU, 2014-2017.

Classroom Studies

I taught Life Drawing II (ART 314) at ASU during Fall 2019 and Spring 2020. These are some of my drawings used for classroom demonstration.

Student Work

From our "Final Fantasy" assignment. Students were asked to superimpose the model into an imaginary background using references from photos and real life.

A self-portrait assignment. Students were asked to express a hidden detail about themselves.

These were "Final Fantasy" projects from Spring 2020 semester, after our in-person class had to be put online due to Covid.
With the help of provided links and resources, students had the freedom to choose their references for both figures and backgrounds