The World of HannaH
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26 March 2021

In loving memory of Cymoril "Cici" Walsh.

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11 Feb 2021
I have updated the About page with a little blurb about me and what I do!
7 Feb 2021
I'm Back!
I took a couple months off to rest and adapt to my new teaching schedule. That's my excuse for being inactive, anyway! I'm gonna get back into the habit by cleaning up some of this code... x_x I redesigned the update journal so it's more organized.
2 Dec 2020
You Wouldn't Download A ZINE
~The Zine Library is now open~
My printing services will be listed soon!
1 Dec 2020
Aviary Update
29 Nov 2020
Content has been added to About, Video, and Contact for your viewing pleasure.
28 Nov 2020
Queer Krampus Holiday Art Sale
My friends and I are doing a holiday art sale!
Come see us if you're in Phoenix!

( Click the image for more info -----> )
17 Nov 2020
The Tarot page is now live, complete with PayPal link for easy checkout. ;)