Cartomancy by HannaH
If you're looking for creative insight from a
🌈 Non~Binary Cha✸s Gr✸mlin 👽
you've come to the right place!!!

I am HannaH, visual artist and storyteller.
I have studied occult topics for most of my life and I began reading Tarot for my friends in 2013. My first decks were Haindl and Thoth and I have many others in my library.

I intuit meanings by observing cards based on visual themes, narrative correspondance, or other uncanny interactions between cards. I offer insight into many branching paths of action, rather than one fixed destiny.

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Tarot & Oracle Readings

Single Card

A detailed exploration of one card to help you focus your creative and spiritual energies. 10~15 minutes. $6

3 Card

Your present situation and choices from two primary perspectives. 20~30 minutes. $12

10 Card

Many perspectives on your present situation, including past influences, needs, desires, challenges, and possible outcomes.
~45 minutes.