Fuckin' The Binary (2020)
Zero and One are just a couple of disembodied gender stereotypes trying to figure each other out. The binary pair knows nothing but the eternal cycle of waking, arguing, screwing, and sleeping. There is no hope of escape, for neither Zero nor One can imagine a reality that does not conform to this pattern. Is this a story of duality and discord, or of forgiveness and true love? Perhaps it is both. Performed and animated by Hannah I Walsh.
Hard To Swallow (2019)
A ritual cure for obsessive behavior, in which aimless longing is channeled into oral exploration, and self-harm is replaced with bodily anointment. Performance by H.I. Walsh. Music is "Shooting Shark" by Blue Oyster Cult, slowed to 30% speed.
Underpinning/Overflowing (2016)
Two distinct personalities are represented by pairs of hands that interact with the ritual objects on the table before them. The channel on the left is a negating personality, who is skeptical to the point of destructiveness, and is bent on sabotaging the other with cruel words and by sticking needles into a doll. The channel on the right is a creative personality, who struggles to remain productive despite the influence of the Other.
Azhdar Embodied (2016)
My first experimental video!
The Maga performs a ritual transformation with a collection of powerful objects. One artifact, The Altaer Headdress, transforms her into another being with the power to distort space and time. This alter ego, the Azhdar, though powerful and enlightening, leads her to madness. When she returns to reality, she parts with the artifact knowing that inevitably the cycle will repeat.

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